Sunday, January 26, 2014

Strangely busy!

I've been awful about updating, I know. Apologizes.

This past week has been busy, more colons, more breasts and lumps, random kidney, and more hysterectomies! I am starting to wonder if anyone over the age of 45 has their uterus anymore. I was chatting with one of my classmates the other day and we were in agreement about that! It seems that hysterectomies abound everywhere. Some days I'm baffled that as many of my autopsy cases has a uterus as did.

In the same conversation with the same classmate we both discussed how we should really sign up for the certification exam... And we should. I should. I just haven't. I feel like if I just keep studying eventually I'll feel like I'm ready, but I know it isn't true. I should just sign up and get it over with.

Meanwhile, I've been going to the library in the morning to study before work. It is easier when I'm not at home... when I'm here I just keep seeing things that I need to be doing so I study for a bit then load the dishes, study for a bit, start prepping dinner, etc. Life would be much easier if magic elves would just take care of all of that stuff while I'm sleeping, but sadly, childhood fairy tales lied to me and that sort of thing just doesn't happen. So... I just try to do it at night after I get home from work, provided I don't get home after 7:30. I hate late nights, sincerely.