Sunday, September 21, 2014

Neglect, but interesting things upcoming

My laptop is not currently working, so I've been doing most of my internet accessing on my phone. It isn't the best way to blog, which is one reason why there haven't been any updates lately. Also... I don't have any study obligations this year, so I've gone INSANE with Halloween! I started sewing in August. I love it!

Next week we're transitioning from live transcriptionists to Voicebrook, so that'll be something worth talking about. I have experienced training my Dragon (medical) and it'll be interesting to compare the medical version to the pathology specific one. Voicebrook is specifically tailored to pathology, but Dragon had a solid pathology vocabulary built into it as part of the larger medical lexicon. Personally, I'm more concerned about how it will interact with our version of Cerner since there are different active windows that I'll have to navigate either using the mouse or with voice commands. I know the software folks say that voice navigation will be easy and intuitive but we'll see.

Attitudes at work are not entirely enthusiastic about the switch, but the powers that be want it, so we're going with it.