Thursday, March 31, 2011

A bold and dashing adventure...

My fortune cookie fortune reads: A bold and dashing adventure is in your future within the year.

Well how apropos.

I should mention that earlier this week we got a mass email from the Associate Director of the program sharing everyone’s email address/contact information, and I’m wondering should I email my class and suggest we all introduce ourselves? I mean we’re going to be spending semi-significant amounts of time together over the course of the next two years so it seems like getting to know each other seems like a good idea. There are only eight* of us.

For the past two weeks (has it only been two weeks since I found out I was getting in? Yikes!) we have been getting really nice welcome to the program emails from the current first year students, staff, and second year students. We even got the unofficial survival guide, which I will mention at some point. But it has been silent when it comes to interaction between those of us that are accepted. Maybe because there is still a form to sign and a deposit to send in, so someone might still drop out? I don’t know. I’m thinking I give it until Friday and then send an email this weekend.

I know for sure that I’m going, I don’t care what happens. I want to be a pathologists’ assistant, and I want to go to Duke’s program, that’s it. That’s my goal. I didn’t even apply to any other programs (although, if I hadn’t gotten in I was going to apply to all of them for 2012). So whoever ends up in my class is stuck with me.  I hope we’ll all get along. I hate when I first meet people because I get nervous and I talk a lot when I’m nervous which can be annoying.

I wonder if it would be easier to find people on facebook rather than email them? Hmmm, can’t decide if that’s easier or creepier… I’ll just start with email, I guess.

*There are only nine accredited pathologists’ assistant programs, eight in the Eastern US and one in Canada. The programs range from something like four students to thirty-two-ish. Although, my favorite was the now defunct Ohio program which had two students. Not per year, but total.

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