Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More of the waiting and some progress

Still in waiting mode :-) 3 months and 1 day until classes start.

The good news is that I officially have an apartment in Hillsborough, NC. I ended up with a 3 bedroom ginormous 1443 sq apartment because they had one available on the first floor (which I absolutely have to have because my dad is living with us). I am leaning towards having my bed and the kids' bunkbed in one bedroom, my dad in the second and having the third bedroom as an office/reading room/quiet place my dad can get away from the kids.

Also, a couple weeks ago I finally sent an email out to the rest of the class so we could introduce ourselves. One person didn't respond but the rest of us all at least now know basic facts about each other. I've learned that Duke really likes PA students with clinical lab experience. I think at least 3 of us currently work in pathology.

I have to get the kids enrolled in school, I should call about that tomorrow-ish. And see about soccer and boyscouts for the fall... Of course I don't know what my schedule will really be like. I know my dad is on board for taking the kids places, but I would like to think I will get to be somewhat involved with their lives as well.

My sister made it through med school and still managed a social life. I think I would be less nervous if our classes weren't all the Duke medical student classes, but until I'm actually in class and can see how the material is presented and tested I think I'll just stay being nervous. I know I did well in my senior science classes, graduate biochemistry, and on the GRE so I should be able to handle this but I just worry because... well, I really want to do well at this.

I know I can gross and do solid dictations, I do that all day at work. So the only thing left to be insecure about is being able to hack the classes. Which are still three months away...


  1. You'll do just fine I'm sure. :) Congrats on getting the apartment!

  2. Thanks! Hopefully, I will. I just wish it was August already and I could see what I'm coming up against!