Sunday, August 19, 2012

Figuring things out...

We use different programs for different things. As long as we are signed in with VPN we can access the programs that have patient history and autopsy information. The one we don't have on our laptops is the one that allows us to view and edit our dictations. There is one work station in the PA student room where we can access it, but unfortunately there are three students trying to use the one terminal all at the same time.

Each morning we have to turn in our edited dictations from the day before, but since we had classes or conferences every morning but Friday last week that meant getting on campus in time for everyone to get their stuff done by 8 am... I've been shooting for being in the room by 7:15, some days were more successful than others.

Even still, I feel rushed because I am aware that there are other people waiting to use the program. I tried going back in one night around 7 pm, hoping that the dictation would be transcribed. There was one available. I asked and apparently the microscopic dictation gets prioritized, which makes sense. I might give it another try one day this week to see if it is useful to go in at night instead of jockeying for position first thing in the morning.

We were also told that we could use some of the computers in surg path, but it is a tight space until they move into the new location next year. I just worry about being in someone's way since those are the same computers they use for accessioning and looking up patient history.

I'm sure, eventually I'll get it figured out and I'll be more used to using the software so it won't take as long. Plus, this week has a lot fewer morning conferences so it won't be so bad! 

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