Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Job Hunting

When I walked into the PA student room on Monday I saw two of my classmates working on their resumes. It seems like all of a sudden November hit and we all decided it was time to get serious about job hunting.

I wonder where I'll be living this time next year!
I have written a resume and had it reviewed by a few friends that I trust. I feel pretty good about it and I hope that it serves me well. And while I'm not particularly big on self promotion, I will be available for hire and will be able to start working July 2013!

My husband and I had a chance to talk about employment and our future this weekend. I know that it is prudent to start my job hunt sooner rather than later because he will also need to find a job, which is why I've seriously started looking. I would love to stay in Durham, but I know because we all stay in town for our clinical rotations it is one of the few places in the US where there isn't a shortage of PAs. So, I'm keeping my options open. My parents are leaving the country and neither my husband or I have roots anywhere in the US so we're viewing this as an adventure. We will see where the job market takes us.

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