Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fun things in jars...

Have I mentioned that my grossing station has an eyeball in a jar on it? It sits on the top shelf by the baby scale that doesn't get too much use (not to say that I'll never use it, but there is a really nice digital scale that has been able to measure everything I've put on it so far). I asked my boss why it was up there and she said it kept an eye on her, and now it would be watching me. I love pathology... you only get a certain type of person in pathology.

Picture stolen from the internet (not a testicle)
And I've gotten more testicles than I thought I would. Those are usually fun. I had one on rotations in school at one of the sites that was 147 grams (10-14 gm being normal), which is still my personal record for weight. I had to have my boss come in to look at one of the testicles too, because it was just not what I was used to seeing on one...which leads to the next point....

My boss is going to the AAPA conference in Portland next week so I'll be all alone!... well, except for the pathologists who are right across the hall and very nice about answering questions. So... that was needlessly melodramatic. Still, it is comforting having her on hand for advice and tips. But, hopefully there is nothing too out of the norm while she's gone.

In personal news, the car accident is still causing annoyances. I have to go to court on Thursday as a witness against the lady who hit me unless she pays her ticket between now and then. Every day I call, but she still hasn't paid it. In the month and a half I've been employed I've missed one day for the accident itself and this will be my second time being late arriving (with notice) because of it. Thank goodness I have my mornings free for the physical therapy appointments (which are helping somewhat) so all they're costing me are gas and time out of my life.

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