Thursday, March 20, 2014

And what did we learn, boys and girls?

We learned that if we blog about getting legs and how gross they can be, you tempt the universe to send you more legs. What the heck? Between end of last week and the start of this week I had more legs than all of last month.

But! We've had students coming in from a local career center touring the various things we do in the laboratory and since they've been coming in I haven't had any legs! The only plus side to them is that they make a very interesting visual aid (and potentially fun Halloween decorations if you were so inclined and wanted to scar some children for life....) for when you have people coming in to see what you do. People know what a normal leg looks like, but very few people without a medical background know what a gallbladder looks like. I do like showing them gallbladders though, because there is the potential for stones.

A lot of the students are interested in nursing and labor/delivery or pediatrics. So at least I can bring out a placenta and show them the membranes and where the baby would go, etc. It helps to have something relevant to their interests.

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