Sunday, June 26, 2011

5 weeks left at work, give or take

Not that I'm counting down or anything
I feel like my last day is going to be July 28th since the 29th is my son's birthday and a Friday... I'm not entirely sure though since they haven't hired a replacement for me or seriously started looking. They haven't bothered to advertise but have asked everyone if they know anyone. I feel guilty for leaving the people I work with but impatient to start this next chapter of my life.

I finalized my financial aid and tomorrow I'm going to set up my parking stuff. I also have to call my doctor's office and get an appointment set up to make sure my immunizations are good, etc. I need to do the same for the kids. I should make a to-do list. 

It is strange to be leaving. This is the first time I am moving with children old enough to be cognizant of the change. In all likelihood after I graduate we're going to pick a part of the country we want to live in and move there. We don't have deep roots in SC and my parents aren't planning to stay in the country too much longer so it will be our chance to go wherever we want. It is just strange to be somewhere and realize, this is probably the last time we are going to do X. Last night it was go to The Big Mo drive in, last weekend it was picnic in our favorite park downtown. Final trip to the zoo will be very odd since it has been such a constant in my sons' lives. Same thing for the playground we go to every other weekend.

I have routines and know things here... I might be a bit intimidated by the idea of moving somewhere by myself. Thank God for google map apps though. It takes me forever to learn where things are. It would be easier if my husband were moving too but in the great big realistic scheme of things the sacrifice house sales on either side of us have killed our home value (both neighbors are in assisted living facilities now), we still need to renovate the kitchen, and his job would need to start hiring replacements for him now so he could train them properly.


  1. I'm doing the same thing with paperwork for immunizations and titers. You are starting an exciting new journey in life, get rid of the stress. You need to use up your sick time and leave, don't worry about your replacement or your husbands replacement either. Like many companies maybe they are not going to hire right now and save money?

  2. I can take my PTO as cash when I leave so I'm hording it a bit now :) And the reason why I worry about them not having found a replacement yet is that it is physically impossible for our department to only have two people in it. With the three of us we can get everything done, but when someone is on vacation or even just takes a day off it is a hellish slog that usually results in 9hr+ days for the two people working.

    I'm giving myself at least a week before classes start to be calm and relax. I want to be greedy and make it a couple weeks but I do genuinely like the people I work with and am prolonging the inevitable.