Saturday, June 4, 2011

Changing Dynamics at Work; 2 Months 1 Day

We have three vented storage cabinets at work that hold a weeks worth of specimens, each shelf is a different day of the week which is then subdivided by specimen type (This organizational set up is probably going to be my lasting legacy, btw.). So I have 2.33 more cycles through the cabinets before I leave or 7 weeks.

I am surprised/distressed that they haven't started looking for a replacement yet. It takes a couple weeks to get comfortable letting someone handle paperwork on their own, much less grossing independently. Also, the last time we had to train a new person the tables were set up right next to each other so it was easier for them to ask questions or for us to observe without hovering.
I just don't want the people I work with to have everything dumped on them because management may be underestimating the time it will take to train someone.

I don't know if talking to them will do any good.

Meanwhile shifts are occurring between the three of us at work. Normally our purpose is to get the specimens grossed and on the processors in the most efficient way possible, which means that each person ends up grabbing what they're best at and doing that.

For example: at the end of the night we usually get a cooler from a hospital 3 hours away and veterinary clinics and surgery centers all along the coast. Drey, who is the fastest one at basically everything human grabs the bulk of the specimens (smalls like derms, cervical biopsies or GIs), Chris starts opening the vet specimens and I start in on accessioning the paperwork. By the time I'm done Chris has usually started grossing and I can pick up anything from the hospitals Drey didn't take- usually the appendix and gallbladder specimens. As a result, Drey almost never grosses vets, and I've done something like 90% of the appendixes in recent memory.

I like the big specimens and until Chris came on board two years ago I did all the vets. I don't mind a 16lb splenic mass, a uterus, or grapefruit sized mammary mass. Chris' background was veterinary pathology so she's the same way and she's also really good about being willing to gross something she's never done before.

Of course for any one person to switch to doing something new, we all have to change what we are doing, which will be different for a while but in the end we will all be more well rounded. We have just under two months, it will get done.

I am going to miss the people I work with, probably quite a lot. Just the three of us working together for 8 hours a day 5 days a week and after all that we all seem to still like each other (which says a lot about how tolerant they are since I'm the most talkative of us by far and have questionable taste in music).

So by this time next month I may be just a wee bit antsy since it will be the home stretch with three weeks left to work and one week before classes start.

I have prepacked everything I can prepack. I purchased a couch and have a washer and dryer just waiting to be picked up. I have towels, bedding, and decorative candles. I am working on not being too excited too early though. I still have to focus on life here for a while.