Monday, December 31, 2012

As the year ends...

I'm curious to see what the final number tallies are for the year at Duke surg path, autopsy, and the VA. We used to do an unofficial betting pool where I worked before (and I'm sure they still do) for the various specimen types to see where they would end up. Always nice to see the business growing from year to year, especially for the veterinary practice which went up significantly in the time I worked there.

I'm hoping, in the new year, that there will be a spate of job openings scattered around the US. There are always positions available in California and New York and one or two in Texas. But otherwise it is hit or miss as to where there is an opening. Right now, we're being selective about where we want to end up so I'm just keeping an eye on openings for the ones that are interesting in the areas we wouldn't mind living.

The spring semester will be interesting. We'll be seeing the first years in January and even having a class with them, which will be a good chance to actually interact with them. And one of the autopsy PAs is having us all over for a party sometime in January (oh, I just winced because I've been meaning to, but haven't actually, have a dinner party for... months now), also good.

I'm having a very relaxing break. I've gone to the movies, taken kids on so many outings (tomorrow, we're going to explore more parks in Durham), traveled a bit around North Carolina, walked the dog, cooked a little, and slept a lot. My husband has been in town so we've had a decent chunk of time spent together as a nuclear family, but it'll be hard tomorrow when he goes back to work in South Carolina (and takes my dog).

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