Sunday, January 6, 2013

A second January

It has been a long break, very restful, but tomorrow it starts again! January intersession for the first years, and back to rotations for us. It is completely different as a second year than it is as a first year. Last year, it was all about learning the ropes and everything was new (and a little intimidating!). This year, they will still be going through autopsy and surg path, but instead of Pam teaching the first years the senior PA at Duke North will be teaching them (if I understand correctly!). It will be a slightly different experience for them.

As a second year, it is intimidating for different reasons. This is the latter half of the second year. That means seven months left to learn everything we can so we can. It means feeling more confident about what we're doing, but not so confident that we're unwilling to learn.

Last year our second years seemed to know what they were doing when we were with them in January, I hope our first years can say the same for us! ;) We'll have to see.

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