Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lab week at Durham Regional

I showed up at Durham Regional on Monday to find out it was lab week and there was breakfast in the conference room. It was a good week to be there, very social! It is a cozier set up than Duke North so the lab services are along the same hall and lab week involves them all. There were lunches, snacks, and treats all week long. It is easy to get spoiled with a week like that!

It is much more of a community hospital set up than Duke North so the specimen load is closer to the VA (except without its overwhelming male patient bias). The staff PAs cover both that hospital and Duke Raleigh and are currently short handed so they are switching off weeks instead of both covering Durham Regional in the morning and one of them joining a part time PA at Raleigh. It is good being there as a student because you get to feel useful since there is enough work to go around.

It was funny being there... at North we get so many complex specimens and we get to be pretty good at complex specimens, but we don't do a lot of the full range of benign things out there that PAs deal with on a regular basis. We get things at the VA but, once again, not that many female specimens. It was useful to experience the pacing and specimen types there.

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