Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I still have the list of things meant to blog but not yet blogged... I will have to get to that eventually.

Spring break was spent driving back to South Carolina to help my husband repaint our old house, do some minor home improvements, and begin the process of ripping out our old kitchen to replace it. It was a very useful and productive week in many ways. We also did some house hunting and made an offer on a property in a better school district so when we move back to Columbia, it will be to a new location. We are going to keep our old house for a while though, and just see about renting it.

Shot mid-repaint and fireplace renovation.
I've had a month or so to adjust to the idea of moving back to SC and it has been an interesting process. I watched a documentary film with a friend last month which was one in a series where the same group of people are followed over the course of their lives every seven years. It started when the people were seven and they are now fifty-six (you can read the wikipedia article about it). It was a good thing for me to watch honestly.

It is frustrating to be so narrowly focused on one place when job hunting and increasingly disheartening to be asked (by seemingly everyone) about the likelihood of finding a PA job in the town where I used to live. It doesn't help that one of my classmates is also from there and will be employed with the hospital system he worked for before he started the program, so the possibility of them adding yet another position in the foreseeable future is minimal. The other hospital system is the one that I worked for and they have need of two staff PAs and already have those two. Both of them are settled, long term employees years away from retiring. It was rough several weeks of adjusting to the possibility of having to work somewhere else during the week and having to only see m
y family on weekends.

But, the documentary was very good for adding perspective. It reminded me that we all make plans in our lives and very rarely does life follow those plans. My husband and I had planned to pick up and move wherever I found a job, enjoying the idea of a new adventure somewhere we'd never been before. But now we are remaining where we were with every intention of putting down solid, actual roots. So we'll see how that goes. I feel much better about being limited in my job hunt now than I did this time last month. I'd much rather live with my husband and kids than... well basically more than any other alternative, but if I have to travel for a while then I'll travel as long as I have a home to come back to.

I've attempted to network, but none of the pathologists I know in SC know of any openings either (but it was still nice to see how they were doing, and it was really great that folks seemed genuinely pleased to hear from me). It is the nature of such things. I will hold tight for a while and just hope. Something will eventually come along and in the mean time I am very fortunate to have a safety net.


  1. It's frustrating to be a bit stunted in your job search, but having a home is a really nice feeling, and it will be good for all of you to have that.

    1. I think that is ultimately why we're buying a house instead of just renting for a year like we had planned... We wanted to have some place where we felt like we belonged, that was home.

      And I do really like the new house... it looks like the kind of place kids should grow up. :)

  2. I agree! The job search can be daunting, but sooner or later, you'll find something. Personally, I've moved on from the PA field. I had no luck at Drexel's program, although I did extremely well during the first semester. I was being attacked left and right from the administration, so they were putting pressure on me to withdraw. I finally did just that, and I took a PA position back home. That job, however, also fell through due to misappropriation of job duties.

    After analyzing my educational history in the field (which, by the way, was doomed from the beginning since my program wasn't NAACLS-accredited), as well as the slew of short-lived PA jobs that never lasted more than a year each, I've decided to move onto the even nobler profession of teaching. I'm currently teaching high school Biology Honors, with Anatomy & Physiology to follow in the upcoming school year. I really couldn't be happier! Working as a PA was way too isolated of a profession for me. The fact that the field is so tiny posed a serious problem as well...too many stuck up, pretentious people with heavy bureaucratic influences. I needed more people contact and a more expressive, creative career, so teaching is my new forte. And let me tell is a BLAST. Molding the minds of budding scientists and future doctors is fantastic.

    As much as I love pathology, I would never encourage anybody to go into the PA field, thanks to my soured experience at Drexel. If you can, go for the gold and become an actual pathologist. As far as I'm concerned, I am a doctor, as my students constantly refer to me as Dr. D all the time. Finally, I get some gratification!

    1. oh brother...

    2. Do you feel that without certification that employers didn't treat you as well because they thought you wouldn't be able to find another position?

      Good luck with the teaching. I hope it works out for you.

  3. Thats awesome I live in Columbia and I have applyed to a few PA schools and I have an interview with West virginia University on May 17th. I hope the job market for PA's will be more in demand as the time goes on Because if I do get into WVU I know I will come back to the south to find a job!