Monday, June 24, 2013

The VA from the other side!

Tomorrow my dad is going to the VA for a procedure. As much as I've been in that hospital over the past year, the only department I know how to find is pathology so figuring out where to go will be an adventure! Hopefully he won't have anything to send for pathology, but it'll be interesting to see what the reporting process is like. I know the turn around time is minimal for the clinicians to get the diagnosis but I don't know what the report time is for the patient, so we'll see. If he ends up having something, I could make an update on it.

Meanwhile I'll be using my wait time during his procedure to work on my seminar. Not very exciting times, but necessary. I also have autopsy reports to work on... those are due July 12th which will be here pretty soon! And I'll be spending this weekend driving 18 hours with a brief stop by to visit my best friend's guestroom, but sadly not my best friend since she's working that night.

And in thinking about things today I realized that leg amputation specimens would be nicer to do if they were in more accessible containers instead of tied up in giant bio-hazard bags. It is hard to get them out of the bags without being touched by the sides, which is sort of repulsive. Of course what the alternative would be, I couldn't say! In a perfect word they'd be accessible and not wrapped in layers and layers of ace bandage. Not that I did a leg amputation today, just a thought I had about them in general since they are a relatively easy specimen type that a lot of people don't like to work with.

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