Thursday, June 6, 2013

Three day weekend time!

They've already messed up my reservation!
I'm taking off all day tomorrow. It is my congratulations you got a masters degree day off, just a month later. It worked out having that day that I could schedule at will (or so I reminded myself when I was rotating while everyone else was off enjoying time with their family!). The kids will have their last day of school and I'll be picking up a uhaul to load up everything to go back to SC. It will be a working weekend but I'm still so grateful to have the extra day to get everything done.

It has been a relatively quiet week at the VA, one of the techs mentioned that the surgical residents had their boards so there were fewer procedures scheduled. Our resident is there for her first trip to the VA and it is funny to be the one that knows how to do everything, to be unfazed by frozens, or processors. After almost a year, I feel like I know where most of the supplies are kept, except for the forceps which disappeared again. Where do the good ones always go?

Last week the other student on autopsy and I made eight formalin buckets with blocks full of various tissues. They'll sit in a cabinet in the autopsy suite for a while but sooner than they think they will belong to the first years (soon to be second years). Each one will rotate through histology as part of their first summer block just like we all did last year. So soon, and it will mean that I'll have finished the program! Yikes! Exciting and scary!

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