Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One foot out of the door...

Some days you just have to accept it. Specimens come in right at the end of the day, when everything else is already loaded on the processors and the clock is already reading quitting time. And then... after those get grossed and the processors are loaded again and everything is shut down, that's when the pathologist comes in to talk about a specimen from the day before. So the specimen gets dug out and looked at, and finally the day can end.

And that is what happens. Not every day, but sometimes. Usually, as Murphy's Law decrees on the day you need to get home early for some reason or another. But it is part of the job, it is never a steady workload. Medicine tends more towards feast and famine than anything else. So you accept it, gross the things that come in last minute because no one wants to wait another day for their test results and maybe tomorrow would be a busier day and you'd hate yourself for not doing it. You look over the specimen with the pathologist because he's working even later than you are and can't wrap up his work until he sees for sure that the specimen is the way it is.

Meanwhile, I have a pile of pathology mp3s to keep me entertained on my commute.

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