Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Things in my life and goodbyes!

The most important thing that's happened in my life lately is that my husband became an American citizen yesterday! His allowed to maintain his original citizenship so I'm glad that he didn't have to give anything up for this to happen, which is what my mother had to do when she went through the process almost thirty years ago. It means I don't get to make anymore jokes about deporting him when he irks me (usually with bad jokes of his own!), but now he can vote and really belong to the country he's made his home for the past twelve years.

Then today he had sinus surgery, which was less exciting and momentous but important all the same. His specimen went to the pathology group where I used to work and my old coworkers promised to keep an eye for it. It is one of those totally benign things where you're just sending it for insurance purposes though, so no need to prioritize it. He'll be hanging out on the couch for a week or so recuperating, with plentiful popsicles and DVDs to keep him company.

Grumpy cat says, Good Luck, you'll need it.
Now for work news... oh, sadness and happiness! My lab assistant is leaving on Friday to enjoy a few months break before she starts medical school in August since her husband has already moved up to start his job near where she'll be going to school. She's been a great assistant and I know she'll do well at PCOM! I'll miss her, since we've worked very closely together and she's the only one in the lab with me for several hours in the day, but she's leaving for a good reason and I wish her so well. To that end, the head of our department and I wanted to give her a little sendoff, and since she loves grumpy cat I made her this one! It is her sense of humor and hopefully she likes it.

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  1. I've just read every one of your blog entries since day 1 in 3 days. Thank you for sharing your journey. You were (remember you graduated) not the only non traditional student to do this and you won't be the last. Best wishes for continued success!