Friday, June 6, 2014

Having an assistant is great!

I really miss having one! All the little things that used to just get done aren't magically getting done! So the histotechs are doing some of them, I'm doing some of them, and the pathology manager is doing some of them. It'll be so nice when someone is hired again and trained.

I'm taking the gross photos myself, which I'm able to do and it isn't an onerous task. It is just an end of day thing that stands between me and going home. Whereas when there is an assistant it would all just happen while I was still grossing and it would have a picture before I even got it to describe. It was nice. The interviews continue on, but I think the last one will be next week sometime. I'll be out of town!


  1. I hope you all find someone! And soon! There's nothing like just wanting to leave and go home!

  2. Hope your out of town was a magical vacation!

  3. Just finally added you to my blogroll. Sorry it took so long! Looking forward to keeping up:)