Monday, August 18, 2014

"On the job training with lectures"

A pathologist on reddit (yeah, I know, it is reddit... you can't take it too seriously) just described the Pathologist Assistant education as "on the job training with lectures".

Well... isn't all medical training that? Clinical rotations are OJT in a much more standardized form where you try to ensure that every student passing through has roughly the same guidelines and instruction. And sure, I guess if you wanted to be dismissive you could describe a grueling year of medical education as "lectures".

I suppose, if you wanted to paint with such broad strokes medical school, residency, and fellowships are also OJT with lectures. Nursing is OJT with lectures. Physicians assistants get OJT and lectures. I would hope that in regular life the pathologist who posted is not quite so dismissive of other's education.

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  1. Fellow redditor here and 1st year PathA student at Duke! What a scumbag. Hopefully he or she is just one of the lame, egotistical assholes who views everything below the level of MD as a lesser profession. I've only been here two weeks, but this program is CEARLY not "OJT with lectures." I'd love to see him/her try to explain the 31 topics we've covered so far in Molecules and Cells in the detail we are expected to know it...