Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Assistant obtained and conversations relevant to my interests

The new assistant started on Monday. He's learning all the ropes and seems keen. I'm fairly low maintenance so, I'm fine waiting until he's finished learning all the non-gyn processing and administrative tasks before making him learn any random preferences of mine (how the rack is oriented in the formalin tub matters!!!).

In other news, my husband and I were out watching soccer at a local wine bar and the lady next to me was discussing a friend of hers with diabetes. She checks up on him every other day and runs errands for him. Apparently he had developed a festering foot wound and for months the odor was nauseating. When she found out it had maggots she manufactured an issue with his prescription refills (working with the pharmacy and doctor's office) that forced him to go to the doctor's office for a follow up visit. Now, maggot therapy is a thing but that is under controlled circumstances and not wild maggots that have just shown up after being attracted to the necrosis. So the woman says how the man's doctor referred him to a wound care specialist and things are being treated currently.

It was a great conversation to be around and I joined in, because how often do I get to discuss maggots and necrotic toes in public serendipitously?

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  1. One of my senior residents, so the story goes, once opened a BKA for dissection on Halloween. Maggots spilled out all over the gross room table, still alive. She screamed and ran from the room.

    Congrats on your new assistant!