Monday, July 18, 2011

The home stretch and decorating

Sleeping 5 year old
My replacement started Friday night, which is good since I only worked for a few hours before heading home to load up a rental truck and drive around picking up stuff for my apartment. At the last minute I decided to take one of the children with me because nothing makes traveling more fun than a 5 year old (or, in reality the kids were hyper and excited about the new apartment and I thought my husband's night might be less frustrating if I took the child who hates bedtime with me).

If you're going to move then it seems to be helpful to start weight training several months before. It was significantly easier to move heavy things than it would have been in April, so even though it hasn't done much for my personal body shape it has helped in that regard.

Purchased Foo Dog

Custom dyed decorative balls
The apartment is mostly set up. I have to get a smaller coffee table (and take the one I was going to have in the apartment to my current house for my husband to use) and do some decorating. To that end I've gone a little crazy with the shopping... and crafting. Luckily I've finally managed to stop myself from making more decorative throw pillows because it was getting excessive. I think not being able to paint the walls is driving me insane, but I'm adding color where I can and slowly collecting things that will make the place look more like somewhere that I actually live and not a random white box where I store furniture and sleep.

Knowing that I am leaving in 8 more work days makes it a lot harder to be a good employee. Having a fourth person in the gross room also makes it easier to slack off... But at the same time I feel like I should keep working because the transitional time while they're still training the new employee will mean more work for the two other grossing techs, so I don't want that time to have to start any earlier for them.

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