Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Less than a month!

This used to be my dining room. Now it is the apartment stuff.
I have an official last day at work, which is three weeks from tomorrow.  I start moving into my apartment a week from Saturday. Soooooo close!!

The plan is that I start living in my apartment full time the week before classes start so I will have time to get everything set up. Then I will have a week of classes but no kids with me, then I will have a week and a half of me in class with kids but no classes for kids, and then after that it'll be me in class full time and kids in class full time.

I don't want to plan out anything past that because I'm not sure what my schedule will be like. I don't know how many hours a night I need to plan to study and make flash cards which is what worries me.

That week off from work is when I have to retool my schedule as well. I work second shift so I am a complete night owl. I have to learn to function on a more normal time schedule, wake up early, go to bed before 1 am, etc. It has been a very long time since I have had to consistently be awake before 8:45 am. If I need to be parked by 8:30 and I have to get the kids to school and go to the gym before that I will have to wake up before 7, which seems impossible right now lol I will get used to it, I am sure. 

Moving is interesting, I haven't had to start over from scratch since 2002. I am sure that I have forgotten a ton of stuff that I will need but take for granted (like a can opener or a laundry hamper) because you're just used to always having them around. I mostly remember the big stuff like a bed, a desk, a couch, pots and pans, etc... It will be interesting though. I'm working on being minimalist when it comes to stuff. I know myself and in the absence of my husband clutter would be an issue.

I'm planning to be very strict with the kids about mess and cleaning up after themselves in terms of clothes and toys. Holy crap they will hide dirty socks everywhere, not sure why but they end up behind the piano, in and under the couches, the TV stand, their lap desk... It is bizarre. It will be an interesting shift for them. They are used to seeing me for an hour or so in the morning and then full time on the weekend with their father taking care of them as a single parent on the weeknights because I'm at work.

After we move it will be me as a full time single parent (with the help of my dad, but I'm not sure what that dynamic is going to be like so I'm trying not to make too many plans) and my husband on some weekends. He'll be the one calling at night to ask them how school was instead of me... I hope they are still young enough to be flexible about stuff like this. Even though me going to school is good for the family in the long term, I hope they will be okay with the changes that are coming up.

The younger one should be, but the older one has deeper roots, friends and a little girlfriend that he's sad about leaving... We will see what happens. 

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