Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Required immunizations

So... either my parents skipped some of my immunizations at some point or someone missed one at some point when transcribing my immunization records.

I'm calling the health department later to see what I have to do to get a shot I think I've probably already had.


  1. Check if a blood test that demonstrates immunity would be an acceptable substitute.

  2. Winston, one of the things on my to-do list for tomorrow is get an appointment have titers drawn for chicken pox and Hep. B. The same lab does Rubella titers but I'm not sure if Duke will accept them instead of the dates for vaccination.

    Also, my mom swears I was fully vaccinated.

  3. Get titers for everything than that will be your new date to fill out forms. They don't care if you got the Hep B 20 years ago, they just want to be sure it is still affective. Then a DPaT booster should take care of you.

  4. I did get titers drawn for Varicella and Hep. B but just went ahead and got the MMR shot (possibly again).