Thursday, September 8, 2011

Classes to make up :(

If I was going to choose a week to be sick, then this one was a good one to pick. Our schedules are intensely variable (I will try to write about our schedule for molecules and cells this weekend!), but because we were off Monday and had a test Tuesday this week has been our lightest so far.

Which is good because I am officially behind. I missed 2/3rds of yesterday's classes since my fever was in the 100s again and I only went in for the mandatory session. Today the fever was significantly better but I was exhausted and slept 14 hours (until 11:30! I felt like a sloth!) so I missed my morning classes. That was entirely unintentional though. I took the kids to school and was going to just lay down for another half hour before I had to drive to class... But then I slept through both my alarm clock alarm and my cell phone alarm (I don't remember doing so but I apparently got out of bed, walked across the room and unplugged my alarm clock). Luckily when I woke up I felt better than I have in days and made it to histology lab this afternoon.

I'm not happy about missing the classes but they are pretty easy to make up. All of our non-mandatory classes are available to be streamed online about 20 minutes after the class ends any time you need them. The majority of the medical students don't come to class unless it is mandatory (I counted once and there were about 40% actually in class) and just stream the lectures either at home or at the library on campus. A couple of the PA students will do that occasionally but for the most part we go to class, so I felt weird not going!

Today's Histology Lab Topic: Cartilage and Bone
It would have been much harder to make up missing my histology lab. Even though I can look at the slides on my laptop at home (isn't technology useful? Instead of two dozen microscopes, or one microscope hooked up to an overhead projector we can all just view the slides online.) and just follow along with my lab manual, you can't replace having a teacher available for when you get stuck on something. Today having an instructor handy was very useful at least twice and the end of lab review was helpful as always.

So it could have been worse, but I still feel bad having missed most of the past two day's worth of classes. At the pace we go, two days is a lot of material! At least I will have time this weekend to be caught up since the next (and final M&C test!) will be here before I know it.

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