Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas break!

My more typical notes
Exams have all been taken. After a week of them I feel completely wrung out. A week of exams, weeks of long days studying, stress, complete neglect of folding laundry (it is clean, just not folded but still taking over my room) and other non-essential life chores, etc and it is now Christmas break.

My youngest
I'm going to a friend's wedding tomorrow (but have to get something to wear to it and need to get a gift bag for the present I finally remembered to order on Monday), followed by a quick trip to see my best friend's new place in Asheville (I say new but it has been six months!), then to my old house until Christmas to spend time with my husband and my dog. It will be strange to go to where I used to live since we don't have any real furniture anymore but awesome to spend time with them. My mom is stealing my kids for a week since she hasn't seen them since September sometime and she has gone into withdrawal.

After Christmas we're all coming back here to re-organize the apartment and give everything a good de-cluttering. I think we'll finally be able to put up the kid's summer clothes. It should be a calm week, hopefully. Quiet and calm and tidy.

I look tired because I am
Did not have a good time with test anxiety during the gross anatomy final, I will have to wait and see what the impact was on my grade. I will have to discuss things with the doctor to see what can be done for the future. The spring with Body and Disease will have more TBL based learning/testing, which should help.

January will have surgical and autopsy rotations and neuroanatomy. I can't wait for that. And we received our schedules for Body and Disease earlier this week so that's something else to look forward to. A long stretch of pathology and microbiology, hooray microbiology! It was my undergraduate major and I love it. Who has two thumbs and is good at streaking for isolation? This girl! You want to know what agar to use to isolate and identify S. aureus? I know that! 

The book store was having a sale and had something in stock they have been out of for a while, so I bought myself a present. Hence the pictures. And why everyone in my family is getting Duke gear in their stockings. 


  1. Congrats on being done. Hope you have a fabulous and restful holiday.

  2. Low dose beta blocker plus get going on some EMDR therapy to actually get rid of it. The EMDR is actually quite quick - very efficient way to change some automatic reactions.

    You look so cute in your exhausted photo! I am so happy to learn that you will be doing areas of greater interest and especially the microbi where your existing expertise will give you a bit of a break. To use an old phrase, "You GO, girl!!".

  3. Solitary Diner, Thanks!

    katydogcrazy, I will definitely look into that. Thank you for your encouragement and advice.