Thursday, December 8, 2011

Studying for exams has eclipsed the rest of life

I haven't seen my kids in any meaningful way since Tuesday some time (and even then I was home but studying, so I'm not even sure that counts). I studied last night and tonight in the PA room until 9:15ish, which is well past their bedtime. I'm going home right after gross anatomy tomorrow and will stay home to study this weekend, so I'll see them off and on. I'll be holed up in my studying room in the apartment but I like to come out from time to time for hug breaks. My kids like hugging.

My dad has been in charge of feeding and tending the kids. He doesn't seem to be going crazy and they're still alive so that's a good sign.

Meanwhile, I'm so tired of studying but that's fine. It is only for another eight days, then it is a fabulous two and a half week break followed by January intersession. I'm so excited about January! We start with autopsy and surgical pathology rotations. But first I have to survive exams.

Everyone has to survive exams first. Med students are posting all over facebook with predictions of gloom and doom. Cumulative exams are horrific since after a couple months all you retain are concepts, not the level of detail you need for tests. There are a lot more lectures to study for this test.

I will write a real blog entry after exams.


  1. Good luck with it all. It sucks to have to give up normal life (especially family) to study, but it does come to an end eventually. Enjoy your break when it arrives!

  2. I hope you passed your exams after your recent blog posts. I'm going through the same thing right now. It's hell week, and I just want to read about people's experiences whenever exams are around the corner. I love this entry, by the way, because it inspires me to persevere and work hard towards my goal. I can also connect to you, since I'm also a parent who struggles with juggling my business, studies and family life. Good luck to you!