Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm a slacker!

I have a list of things I've mentally set aside to blog about but I've been... I don't even know if busy is the right word. The kids are now in cub scouts, which combined with soccer eats up a lot of my weeknights! Plus I've been browsing (not seriously studying though...) Robbins so I don't forget everything I learned last year. And I've been enjoying the calm after last year.

This past weekend I saw a concert Friday night with friends, went to an event at The Cookery, went to a Modernist Home Tour in Durham (including the Knights House, built for a Duke University President. It was awesome!), had sushi with classmates (but skipped drinks in Chapel Hill because I'm old and boring), went to a classmate's house early Sunday to try to make cheese again (it is getting better!) which ran until we had to leave to go see a friend's band play (well, technically longer than that. My best friend in Durham had to babysit our cheese curds for us while we were at the show but luckily the house and the band's show were only about a block away from each other!), and after that me, my Durham friends and my classmate went for the best pizza in the triangle. I love this town.

It was a fantastic weekend, exhausting but fantastic. I couldn't do it too often because it did involve a lot of not seeing the kids (except for driving back home to make dinner/shower/change/sleep in between activities) and not as much sleeping as I'd like, but it was still fun.

I wrapped up a relatively quiet week in autopsy on Friday. It was good though, the cases we did have weren't rushed and it meant plenty of time for teaching. That's useful since I'll be on call this weekend and will need to be able to do things! But I'll leave the real entry for later, right now you just get a placeholder saying that I am alive, well, and happily rotating. Second year is completely amazing.

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