Monday, September 10, 2012

More autopsies!

And when I say more autopsies, I mean more opportunities for autopsies since it is hit or miss with autopsy service. But at least I'm on autopsy service for the next two weeks and will have my first on-call weekend at the end of my two weeks (just the way the schedule worked out this go around) so I should hopefully have lots of chances.  Plus, the other student on autopsy rotation is at the AAPA conference this week so there should be even more work to go around.

Speaking of the conference, it'll be interesting to hear how the speakers are and how the poster presentations go. Plus the students are being housed four to a room so I'm sure our students will be able to tell us more what some of the other programs are like, it is hard not to be nosey!

Very excited to try this out!
Meanwhile it is nice to be back around that part of campus on a regular basis. I feel like I didn't spend much time in the PA room while I was at north and it was weird not to see everyone! And I think by my next rotation through north we'll be having classes during lunch several times a week plus grand rounds so it shouldn't be like that again. I think without the class it didn't seem to make sense to use a third of our lunch break going back and forth to the clinics, so I just hung out at the hospital with the folks I was on rotation with there.

One of whom is super awesome and came to a class with me on cheese making, and who will be helping me use the book my best friend in Durham got me for my birthday last week. They're both enablers! Cheese making supplies are on their way to me via priority mail as I type this. I will have to figure out the ripening situation as well since I don't have a handy cave or basement or other similar cool temperature regulated place to store cheese as they mature.

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  1. Hey Girl with a Scalpel! I have been following your post for a while. I am interested in applying for the Duke pathology assistant program and would love to talk to you about your experiance with the program thus far. My email address is I have some questions that I would like to ask you!