Sunday, September 30, 2012

September is wrapping up

I made myself promises about October. The most important one is that I have to start reviewing Robbins regularly so I don't lose the information I learned last year. We do have other classroom instruction happening right now but it isn't nearly as much as last year, so there really isn't a good excuse to not keep up on studying.

The second thing I have planned for October is rewriting my resume. I haven't had to apply for a job since early 2008, so I'm a little rusty on that front! Not that I've applied for a lot of jobs in my life... I had one in the early 2000s for *four years before I went back to finish my undergraduate degree and then just the one grossing job after I graduated. I also worked at Kaplan as an MCAT instructor when I was grossing so I guess technically I've had three experiences with applying for jobs, interviewing and all of that.

Meanwhile, I'm heading back to the VA this week for surg path! I feel like it has been ages since I was last on surg path but it really hasn't been that long, time just gets distorted with being on rotations and having the weeks divided up with different activities. I hope I remember everything from the summer semester in case I get called out during slide sign out!

*I moved three times, got married, and had my oldest son during that job! It was a very eventful four years.

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