Wednesday, October 31, 2012

At the end of October

I'm glad to say that I survived making yet another costume (pictures possibly to follow since our class went out as a group and mostly dressed up) and like every other year I've made a costume I have vowed NEVER AGAIN. Of course in about eleven and a half months, I'm sure it'll seem like an excellent idea to make a costume again.

I've also survived two and a half weeks of my three weeks at Duke surg path. The second go-round has been much less stressful than the first time since I've already seen a lot of the specimens before. It is still a learning curve. Right now I'm working on making sure my dictations clearly cover everything they need to cover. It is good practice to do free dictations to figure out the cadence and descriptions that work best. So I practice.

I've also been forcing myself to use the normal scalpel since they have had trouble getting the blades that I love and not everything needs a trimming knife. And it can't hurt to learn to be more flexible about the type of equipment I'm used to using since different locations stock different things (or, like my favorite scalpels, they might go on back order).

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