Sunday, October 14, 2012

Second week at the VA done

The VA is always a good rotation. It can be stressful on busy weeks, but it is similar to what a lot of us will experience once we start working. The work for the day needs to be finished up before we can leave, which happens earlier some days than others.

My second week was kind of rough, plagued by processor issues and several very time consuming specimens but it was good. We had the chief residents with us on this rotation and it was really interesting to have so many people there at slide sign out. There were also a couple medical students who visited for a few days, and they were such good sports about pitching in and helping out. I was able to walk them through doing a few smalls and one larger specimen. It was so neat to see some of the students we had classes with while they were rotating through, especially since I talked to one of them last year about her interest in pathology. We agreed, on our bus rides back to the parking garage, that when she's all done with her residency and is a fabulous pathologist and needs a PA that she will keep me in mind! ;)
Durham friends sampling deep fried girl scout cookies

It was a long week personally, as well, with soccer 3 nights, cubscouts one night and all day Saturday, and a trip to the fair with my Durham friends. Luckily my dad pitched in! The kids really are enjoying doing cubscouts with their grandfather, so I'm glad that they're getting some male bonding time in while we're all living together. It also freed up some time for me to go out with friends, which I might have overdone just a little bit this past week. I didn't do anything crazy, since I'm not a drinker, but it was a late night at the fair and a mini-trip for myself this weekend. Maybe I'm trying to get all my fun in before I'm on call again next weekend! I'm not anticipating being called in, but I don't like to make plans for anything on those weekends just in case. Except for pumpkin carving with the kids, we're doing that this weekend with their father since the kids were at cubscouts when all of the classmates got together for it. Hopefully it'll be cold enough that the pumpkins keep until Halloween!

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