Monday, January 7, 2013

Hilarity ensued

We're doing a lunchtime lecture course, and part of today's lecture involved what not to do when giving a powerpoint presentation. It involved our course director dressed as a pirate (more or less) giving an intentionally horrifically uninformative presentation that demonstrated all the things you shouldn't do while giving a presentation. It had sound effects, excessive animations, delightful color combinations like light lime green on a busy orange background, and the sort of disorganized rambling instruction you get from someone who isn't exactly prepared for the talk they are supposed to be giving. It was great, lots of smiles all around.

We also had some much more serious information imparted. I really feel that most people would benefit from a quick what not to do when it comes to powerpoint presentations. Some of it is common sense, but I think almost everyone is guilty (at one time or another) or putting way too much information on a single slide.

In other news, we got our fall portfolios back along with our evaluations from all of our rotation sites. I received some nice positive feedback, which is always a great way to start a new semester.

My first day back at North after the break was pretty good. We got a late start as always because of photography, but still managed a productive morning. It was funny though because even somewhere as busy as Duke can get things in waves. It was something I noticed where I worked before, all of a sudden, out of nowhere it would be spleen week or one digit amputation after another or massive sutured skin ellipses. Some days it seems like the tonsil folks are offering surgeries two for one and you have set after set, and other times you might go several days without any. Same thing today at Duke, although not with tonsils. I did several different specimens, but it seemed like there were only two types of surgeons working and they were either one type or the other. It was odd! But not bad, it was actually something I enjoyed practicing on.

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