Friday, January 25, 2013

Job Hunting for a Pathologist Assistant position

This would be another approach, I suppose... :)
In the internet age, one starts with the websites... At the moment I keep an eye on the AAPA website (or facebook feed, or twitter feed, whichever one happens to be easier to access at the moment), the ASCP website,, and

I prefer the AAPA website because it only lists PA jobs and tends to give you more targeted information about the positions like number of pathologists, the number of surgical cases and autopsies a year, the beds in the hospital, and general information about the practice. The only downside to the AAPA job listings is that there are only a few posted each week.

The listings on the ASCP site give good information as well but there are only a few on there along with jobs for other ASCP certified positions.

Indeed and Simplyhired update far more often, but the jobs are mixed in with so many others (right now Speech Pathologists Assistants are the bane of my search history! :D Although all other kinds of random medically related assistants are also showing up) that you might search 20 pages and only see a handful of relevant job openings. Plus, many of the jobs are reposts from recruiters. It is time consuming.

Word of mouth and networking can also be invaluable. Probably more helpful once I actually have a more developed network or if I had a more specific location in mind. One of my classmates has benefited from networking already, and it was nice how helpful on the staff PAs was about making inquires on his behalf.

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  1. What is the range of salary for a PA? I am interested in the program, but worried about job market