Monday, March 18, 2013


So I finally remembered to ask some of the first years if anyone would be willing to write up a short blog entry about what their classes are like this year compared to ours last year. I know changes have been made, so we'll see if one of them has some spare time to jot their thoughts down.

Also, for people who have been going through interviews, if anyone would like to share their interview experiences at any of the PA programs I'd love to post them!

In other news, so sorry for the silence. I have a list of things I've jotted down that I want to blog so I won't forget them. My laptop has been having issues so as a result I've just avoided being online much lately. I've taken it to the med education IT help desk a couple times, but so far no improvements. It has meant things like missing out on emails reminding us that our autopsy conference is one place instead of the normal place (that was a bad morning!) and such things.

Speaking of autopsy, I'm back on autopsy after a three week stint at Duke North. It was a good rotation, lots of different complex specimens, and I had a practical exam. It is harder grossing with a staff PA over your shoulder watching you with a critical eye, but it went well. I got an A so I'm not complaining in the least and it was great getting that feedback.

Next week is spring break and I'm going to spend mine going back to South Carolina to do home improvements because I love painting, but until then I'd like to have a busy rotation this time around. Brain cutting today was really busy with med students and first year PA students, but we had some very interesting cases so it was good that everyone got to see those. There was a great moment when the neuropathologist was quizzing the students on neuroanatomy and the first year PA students were getting all of the answers right, so she had to tell them that they weren't allowed to answer any more questions. They did an awesome job and all PA students can name the locus coeruleus thanks to one of our staff PAs!


  1. How is the job search for your class going? I am in another program and would like to know if the job market is bad everywhere or just us in particular.

    1. Hello there! About half our class has jobs, but it does seem like there are fewer openings this year than in previous years. Personally, I think that there might be some wait-and-see attitudes on the part of employers because of the changes to the 88305 reimbursement rates and the changes that may be implemented as a result of Obamacare. It is just speculation though...

  2. Hey Thatgirl:

    How has the job search progressed for your class since this posting? I am also in one of the other PA programs and am quite concerned about the job market. I'm just curious to hear about how things are progressing.