Sunday, May 12, 2013

Graduation day!

Don't get too ahead of yourselves, we still have another two months of clinical rotations (we do the May graduation because otherwise we wouldn't get our degrees until well after rotations end) but it was still nice to get the degree. To have a reminder of what we are doing here and give us a boost to make it through the tail end of our second year. My staff PA for the week mentioned on Friday that the next time I'm at North it'll be time to start training the first years to be the new second years.

It is terrifying how little time it feels like it has been since I was taking a few hours out of my studying to go to graduation for the class of 2012! And how we only have a few weeks left until our seminar presentations and we are truly done... Of the 8 of us, 5 have contracts signed and one more has an offer on the table and interviews lined up. The two of us with limited geographical options are still working on it.

But still, even if I'm unemployed, it is good to have the degree. Considering there were times in my past where everyone despaired of me even obtaining a bachelors, it is extremely gratifying to have a masters.

I honestly couldn't have done it without my family. Literally--without my father's willingness to pack up and move here, I wouldn't have been able to juggle family and classes. And he's had to put up with me at my most stressed out and frazzled and short tempered. My husband came up every test weekend and took care of the kids and cleaned up. And my mother... oh my mother. She worried most of all that this would never happen and I hope she enjoyed the graduation ceremony. It might have taken up quite a bit of our Mother's Day but I'm pretty sure there's no other way she would have preferred to spend it (of course, maybe we all would have been happier if we hadn't been running late this morning! I made it to the field with three minutes to spare before the deadline!).

So congratulations to all of my classmates. Two more months to go!


  1. Congrats from a Tarheel Alum!

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