Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It is May... yikes!

So my entire family, plus my best friend (who is family in everything but genetics) will be at my apartment this weekend for graduation. I have a funny hat, the sashy thing, and the black gown...and on Sunday I'll have a Masters Degree. If it weren't also my mom's birthday in a couple days I might have tried to skate by on Mother's Day with presenting her with that, but I'll have to figure out a real present instead ;D

I'm at North again. It is so different from when I started out there at the beginning of second year... I'm not even phased by grossing specimens that were incredibly intimidating nine months ago! I made it through my first three weeks but was worried that I'd never survive the year. And now? Now whatever come across the gross bench is fine, I know I can gross it.

Lungs are definitely my favorite specimen type and legs are my least favorite. Not that I really dislike legs, they're just a bit unwieldy and a pain in the rear end to unwrap. If they came in really large ziplock bags, they would be so much easier to do! Instead they come in a giant biohazard bag, usually in another giant biohazard bag, with so many layers of bandages over the limb itself. It is a lot of unwrapping! So a silly reason to make a specimen my least favorite, but something has to be at the bottom.

In personal news, closing on the new house is next week! I'm excited! We're doing this in stages. My husband is moving in next weekend, the kids move as soon as school lets out in a month, and then I'll join everyone six weeks after that! We'll all get to live together, and it will be lovely! After the beginning of June I'll basically have a bed and a few cooking pots. Which I kind of feel bad about. The apartment will finally be tidy enough to have folks over, but I won't have any furniture... I've been intending to have a dinner party (it is much harder during clinical rotations!) and just haven't. Boo :(

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