Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Penultimate Week as a PA student

Next week is seminar practice and autopsies. This is my last week at North, but as first year residents and upcoming second year PA students are grossing I'm mostly stuck on triage/frozens. Traditionally, when I've been on my third week duties I've grossed larges in the morning and done triage/frozens in the afternoon. The PAs were very accommodating about that but right now there just aren't any stations open.

If today was any indication it is going to be a rough week.... Not a lot to do this morning so I went ahead and stocked supplies and cleaned. It took two hours, but now I'm worried I'll spend the rest of the week desperate for something that needs to be stocked or cleaned. But maybe I will get lucky and something interesting will come in... One hopes. It is hard when there are so many things I'd like to be doing (finishing my portfolio/working on my seminar/packing) and instead be hanging around waiting for work to come in.

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