Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Unexpected Development and Preparing for work

A few weeks back I received an unexpected email from a pathologist in SC saying a PA they were in touch with had given them my contact information for occasional vacation coverage for their staff PA. Since I'll have my mornings completely free, it could be a nice side job. I know one of the staff pathologist assistants from Durham has developed a pretty solid network of other groups that she works with to fill in gaps in their coverage.

It did lead to an interesting dilemma of what exactly do I charge for my services? I did some research and came up with a number, which seemed agreeable to them. Since it'll be a 1099, I may find that I needed to factor more in for taxes, etc but we'll see. It also depends on if/when they'll need me.

Also, whoever passed on my information, thank you for thinking of me... Not sure who it was and not entirely sure how to find out.

Yesterday my future boss gave me a call to go over some of the expectations for the first week, which was greatly appreciated. I think, like anyone, I'm nervous about doing well and not embarrassing myself. There are differences in every pathology practice that will take a while to learn (what? Everyone isn't okay with 97 blocks on a prostate? I know... surprising, right?), even small preferences like having the umbilical cord slice and the membrane roll in the same cassette or in different ones, etc. But she was very reassuring and as nice as she was on the interview so hopefully all will go well. Monday and Tuesday will be official orientation, lab safety, learning Cerner millennium, and all that comes with onboarding, but Wednesday is when the grossing begins.

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