Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This is how things wind down

Yesterday was the dress rehearsal, today we're technically on rotations but the auditorium is reserved
for us all day so people are taking advantage of that. I'm going to go in a little while to do one more run-through but right now I'm still tweaking things ever so slightly. I was hoping there would be an autopsy, just to finish out the clinical year by doing something...well, clinical, but so far it is all quiet on that front.

I just love my dog, so here's yet another picture of him
Tomorrow I'm taking my laptop in to get wiped clean, dropping off the scrubs I've accumulated from the vending machine, giving my presentation, and clearing out my study cubby (which I've already made a start on). It'll be someone else's space next year and while some things convey (the pound puppy from who knows with, a random worry doll, the drawer lined with the collage the previous owner made, the LGBT button center button), they probably don't want all the random debris that I've collected over the past year.

It is strange being around the first years/rising second years (1.5 years?) as they're starting out with clinical rotations. Some of them were watching the autopsy prosection videos on the room computer which doesn't have sound so I narrated some parts of it.

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