Thursday, August 29, 2013

I have *no* idea why I'm doing something...

At my job I was asked why, on mastectomy specimens, I give a nipple to areola ratio. And I realized... I honestly don't know. I know that certain types of malignancies can involve the nipple and to look for a history of Paget's disease of the breast before grossing a specimen, etc. I know to mention skin changes like peau d'orange and if the nipple is inverted or everted, hard or soft. But, still.. I don't know why I'm measuring the ratio other than it was part of the template I used in school. I read my Lester's manual this morning and didn't see anything in there about the nipple to areola ratio. Maybe it was one of those Duke specific things that was asked by an attending who had particular preferences? Oh well, it was an interesting conversation with the other PA at work trying to figure out the reasoning behind it and for now, until I find a compelling reason why I should be doing it, I'll just give a measurement and description of the nipple itself.


  1. Random question! Did you guys do a white coat ceremony? I know some schools do and some don't?

    1. No white coat ceremony for us. We obtained our white coats by swinging by the med school book store and buying them. :)