Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm 2/3rds oriented!

Today was my first day at work. I'm not in the lab yet, just going through the group orientation where I learn about corporate culture and policies. We have another 4 hours of general orientation tomorrow hence the 2/3rds oriented. Of course, that has nothing to do with the lab orientation or training in their computer systems, etc. But I start some of that tomorrow afternoon.

As for where I'm working, I don't think I need to say where. It makes things easier social-media-policy-wise. I do read them, and I try to stick to them. Since I like blogging but would like to never, ever have to go talk to HR about awkward things I will stick with being relatively vague (sorry for the folks that annoys).

Anyway, orientation has been great so far. The main facilitator is one of those people that just has a lot of energy and enthusiasm, which makes something that can be quite dull into a completely different experience. It has been a lot of fun really, and hopefully tomorrow morning will continue on in the same vein. There's been a surprisingly amount of singing and dancing.

Tomorrow afternoon I think I'll learn Cerner Millennium, we'll see if it is anything like CoPath.

Other random tidbits: Today was my husband's birthday, so I'll always remember what day I started work. As a fun coincidence, his first day at his job was our youngest son's birthday (literally... 20 minutes after he started working his boss escorted him to the parking lot and told him to go meet his new son).

Er, and also I found out that apparently I wasn't getting emails anymore when someone leaves a comment. I just figured no one was commenting. So sorry about that... I have a backlog to wade through.

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