Monday, July 30, 2012

Different mindset

I started my first surg path rotation today (it went well!) but... I got in early this morning and looked over what was there before my classmate arrived. I figured I'd knock out the small stuff really quickly so we could concentrate on the bigger stuff. Which is what I would have done at work... but this is not work and getting the smalls out of the way would mean stealing educational experience from my classmate...

And then later when we were going over the larger specimens there was one type I'd done before at my old job so I said I would take it since I was comfortable with it. Except... that would have been less helpful when it comes to learning new things so my classmate took that specimen and I took something I'd never done before.

The goal of these rotations is not the same as working. We still need everything grossed and on the processors but so that everyone's had a chance to do their share and that we've all gotten to do specimens that we haven't done before. I need to remember that. I'm just used to where I used to work where we also wanted to get everything done as fast as possible since we had sort of a set schedule for when processors needed to be loaded (and also because we couldn't leave at the end of the night until everything was done). To that end, everyone grabbed what they were good with and did them.

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