Monday, July 16, 2012

Rotations begun, timing, residents, incoming students

I'm starting off with a week of autopsy! Duke is on track to do over 400 autopsies this year so it gives us a good chance to practice our evisceration skills. I also have brain cutting one day a week with the neuropathologist that taught us in January and who was also our pathology course director in our Body and Disease unit. She's fantastic but I'm so worried that she's going to ask me an anatomy question and I won't remember. Hopefully I'll be able to name any structures she questions me on! 

So autopsy starts at 8:30 and that is a little later than last year, but since the residents have to be there and they have conferences almost every morning getting there at 8 left people standing around waiting. Also, I'm thinking ahead to when my children go back to school. I shouldn't have a problem getting to any of the rotations by the time they start, but the mornings we have conferences (which is variable each week) it would be impossible since I can't drop the kids off at school before a certain time. Luckily I have my dad, so I'm going to be leaning on him more this year to help get the kids to school.

While we are out on our first rotations, the first year residents are out on theirs. I think they started last week so they have a little bit of a head start on us but we're all learning together. It is another set of names to learn but we have sheets posted everywhere with the picture and name of this year's residents. There are also sheets with our pictures posted everywhere, which is always strange to see (Oh look! It's my face looking back at me...again). We'll have a new sheet coming out soon since the incoming first years are having their pictures done in a few weeks.

I'm excited for the incoming students! And I should email them tonight for the casual get to know you dinner thing the students do before orientation actually starts. It makes being social at the official party easier when you at least know your classmate's names!

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