Friday, March 30, 2012

Good Day!

Spring cleaning is done (except for figuring out what the weird smell in the freezer is). I hung out with the dog on the floor watching movies. He is like a floor pillow that breathes and occasionally needs walking, and I will miss him after he leaves on Sunday. Maybe he will come live with me if the kids spend the summer with my mom.

Coaching soccer yesterday was great! The parents were very complimentary about our practice and the kids didn't want to stop when it was time to go, all in all it was a success. Hooray! I ran the kids through drills again this afternoon. We're all doped up on allergy medication but it is good being outside.

This week I learned that Durham has a cheese store. Oh. My. Goodness. Seriously? How did I not know this before? I'm having a dinner party on Wednesday but it will actually be the first one without a cheese plate (it doesn't fit the theme). Oh well, maybe in May. And maybe in May or June or July when I'll have spare time I'll take one of the classes (yay cheese classes!).

It has been frustrating trying to do school work, between bluedocs only occasionally loading (thank goodness for *dropbox!) and not having all the information I need for my autopsy report I've stopped trying to get ahead. We don't actually have pathology lab next week so the autopsy report isn't that pressing. Still I would have enjoyed being ahead for once! :)

I have worked on the unofficial guide and am on track to email it out either late tonight or tomorrow morning sometime. It is strange how when your day is completely full you can accomplish things so quickly but when you have literally nothing else to do, it takes forever to get even the smallest thing done.

*The student annotated powerpoints are shared via dropbox and those files are available even when you don't have an internet connection, which comes in handy when Murphy's Law kicks in and your internet dies at the absolute worst time!


  1. You want a really great idea for those non-studying weekends (if you even get a chance to have one of those)? Host a cheese fondue party!!! That should be a hit if you can host such a social event for your study partners. Heck, even the good Dr. D. might have to fly down there to partake in the cheesy festivities! :-)

    1. Fondue is delicious! But I usually leave it up to the professionals at The Melting Pot ;)