Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Technology doesn't want me to study

Bluedocs, the aforementioned gateway to all that is educational, is sluggish to not working. I have taken that as a sign that I am not supposed to be studying this week.

Having so much extra time this week means I was able to volunteer to coach my youngest son's soccer team tomorrow. Their coach is in Vegas all week at the same IT convention as my husband. I'm so glad that everyone else is spending my spring break in Vegas while I dog sit and cover their coaching duties ;)  But really, I'm excited about it. If I had a more consistent schedule I would have volunteered to be an assistant coach--maybe in the fall! I do love soccer. I picked up a pair of cleats this past weekend and have had a lot of fun playing with the kids! I'm not as rusty as I thought I would be. I can't juggle the ball at all, but to be honest it was never my strong point.

I'm glad I don't work second shift anymore. I loved my actual job and being on that shift gave me a lot of freedom to gross specimens I wouldn't have otherwise gotten, but it was hard missing out on the kid's lives. One of the great things about this field is that after finishing the program I will have significantly more employment options/control.

I also love than whenever I bring up job hunting my friends all pipe up with how we should come live near them if we can't stay in NC. <3 You guys are fantastic.

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