Monday, March 12, 2012

Heads up for future students...

Unfortunately, I'm still mired in the didactic year of school and while a necessary part of PA school, the interesting bits are the clinical rotations. And, this year is really unusual because they have debuted the all TBL all the time set up (which has already seen several revisions). I am sure more changes are pending and next year's class will have a different format from what we have this year.

So keep in mind when you're reading, if you're following along as I write as opposed to looking back at this from sometime in the future, that the entirety of the PA school experience is the combination of the didactic portion and the clinical. The clinical rotations are the part of PA school that I'm mostly here for, while the classroom portion gives background information on some pathological processes and fulfills licensing requirements.

I do feel lucky that we got to start grossing as early as we did and sharing the student rooms with the second years means that we get to hear about their rotations. Our continued rotations through the spring are honestly sustenance for my psyche, because it is a familiar place doing familiar things and it reminds me why I went to grad school. I love surg path. <3
Next year's blogging will be more exciting, the meat of the experience, but this year's is still part of the program. I just don't want anyone to think that this is all there is. Next year will be whipples, livers, lungs, kidneys, autopsies and leg and "next year" is actually only a few months away. Like most things in life, Body and Disease seems to be taking forever to get through it while I'm doing it. I'm sure by this time next year it will seem like it went by so fast!

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