Monday, March 26, 2012

Relaxed state of being

The kids and I were extremely idle this weekend. We saw a movie, hit up Chuck E. Cheese, practiced soccer, and played with the dog.

Foot prints in the pollen
They went to school today and I treated myself to a few things and finished off a Game of Thrones (thanks Jimmy!). Soccer season starts tomorrow so tonight we're just going to work on basics more. I'm taking the day off tomorrow too. There is a fine line between utter relaxation and boredom, four days is about my limit for not having any thing major to do. After that it will be autopsy report, updating the unofficial student guide for the incoming class, and spring cleaning.

Allergy season is upon us (the fifth season in the southeast! Summer, fall, winter, the yellow death, and spring) so I'm striking a balance between airing out the apartment and controlling the amount of exposure to the deluge of pinophytal reproductive material.

After we get back from spring break we have another three months of Body and Disease! It is going by quickly, which is nice considering how long this unit is. Of course that is how it feels on a week where we have a break, so in another two weeks when I'm in the middle of test studying again I might feel differently. :-D

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