Monday, March 19, 2012

New class and social news

So we have an official class list for the class of 2014 and have made our introductions! It is exciting and weird to think that it has only been a year since my class was in their position. We sent out a introductory email and got replies from everyone. We have a couple folks with histotech backgrounds, some with gross and autopsy experience, one forensic photographer, and at least one person that is graduating this summer that also works as a lab tech. It should be an interesting mix!

We had the third Body and Disease test today. The tests start at noon instead of the 9 am starts we had in Molecules and Cells and Normal Body. It gives us the morning to go over more notes before the test, which is helpful. After the test today a couple of us went out for a late lunch and had a really good time. It was a great way to unwind!

Speaking of unwinding, one of our classmates has appointed herself our social director and is coordinating the things we'd like to do during our non-test weekends. We're going to a Tiger Sanctuary! And possibly an airshow on the coast. It is pretty awesome.


  1. How did you get a hold of the 2014 class list? Are all current P.A. students privy to that information and/or do they have a say in prospective P.A. applicants?

    Also, is there any further information to this particular post? I noticed an asterisk somewhere there.

    1. Our course director sent the email list out to all of the current students and faculty. People like to congratulate them and offer help with relocation, etc. The list is only sent out after the class is confirmed. The first years do not have any input for the incoming class (our class schedules conflict with the interviews) but the second years do.

      I removed a big PS chunk and didn't get the corresponding asterisk.

    2. Wow, that's pretty cool. Now if only you could have gotten a cocktail party like all the high-falutin' Quinnipiac students, right? ;-)

      Still, that's a very nice gesture courtesy of Duke.

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