Sunday, April 29, 2012

Apologies for April...

I do have a fun (at least to my mind) blog post cooking. I want to do a day in the life with pictures, but... I've been going around the past little while occasionally snapping pictures and just not putting them together as a blog entry.

The problem being, when you have something you want to post but you can't post it (because you're a slacker! or some other reason like very important classes and tests, and soccer practice two nights a week, etc) it seems to mentally prevent you from posting anything else. Sorry about that blog world! I will try to be more faithful to you and hopefully one day next week will turn all the pictures on my phone into a blog entry with little snip-its of my life.

Meanwhile, I've been very social with classmates, going out with my husband and I also made some not related to school at all friends who know Durham pretty well and have been fun to go out with. I like quirky people...who also happen to be candy makers... who like to share their candy with new friends :D

In school news we had a lecturer the week before last who was discussing brain tumors. He mentioned that in all of his years practicing that he'd never actually had a med student with a brain tumor and yet every year after his lecture at least one person would come by his office thinking they had one. It is funny but very true that after learning all these signs and symptoms of disease that you start diagnosing yourself with the most random conditions. I've tried to be very good about not doing that since I will never forget the time my sister diagnosed herself with lymphoma when she was in med school.

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